What's ChiTime Tea?

Ok, so I've had enough people contact me about my makeup to convince me into making a vlog/blog about it! Not your average makeup chick though. I am by no means a pro at any of this but I love art and I am art. Why not create art on my face? lol Ive grown to appreciate the things that goes into makeup and how yes even makeup professionals are true artist! This is simply me taking both worlds and colliding them into one. ChiTime Tea + Blended Convos !

So you're probably wondering.... ok so whats the tea?

Listen sis, this isn't just about makeup but its also about the one thing most of us women loveeee to do but hate to admit...talk. No not gossip, I'm not the type for that and honestly who has time? Im talking about speaking on things that only we can really understand and relate to. Such as why you haven't started working on your goals and dreams. Yea...thats the real tea. Whats holding you back? Little to no support? Funds? Inspiration? Knowledge? All the above? Who caresssss!!! You could have all these things up against you and STILL come out on top pursuing anything you want. Thats exactly what these mini makeup session tea talks are all about. Beautifying the outside while discussing how we will bring all that natural beauty within, out of you so the world can see!

Now....maybe you're here just for the makeup. You have no intentions of being a entrepreneur. Thats fine! We still have much to talk about...trust me ;) Subscribe now so you know exactly when ChiTime Tea goes live and post video

s! While you're here, feel free to comment below any thing you'd like to see with makeup AND anything you want to discuss involving...well....anything! Positive Vibes Only. We are here to boost each other not break each other. Speak on it, we're all listening!

In the meantime...here's a few of my looks ;) [Chat with ya soon!]

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