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  • How do I place a order?
    You can place your order directly on the website by going into our services and our plans. If there is a specific order you want to place that IS NOT listed on the website, please submit a form from this link Special Order Request
  • What files do I get when my project is complete?
    All projects will have deliverable files sent to the email on your account. File extensions include : .jpeg .png .pdf .eps flattened ( upon request ) All original design files (.psd, .AI ) generated by Chinna Zatara Branding LLC are the property of CZB and can be purchased at a additional fee.
  • What platforms do you build your websites on?
    Wix and Shopify. They are by far the two easiest platforms for users to navigate and generate engagement in a software friendly database. Their annual fee's are affordable and there's a multiude of apps you can add directly to your website.
  • What are your turnaround times?
    Turnaround times vary. Depending on the service you book and how much content is needed to complete project in a reasonable amount of time. Search our site for the service you'd like and in the details will list the turnaround for that project.
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