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WIYB: WHAT or WHO is your brand?

Congrats! You've finally decided to start your own business! Or maybe an organization! Either way, you've made the first crucial step to entrepreneurship and that worth celebrating. But...Now what? Where do you start? Do you even know what the business is going to be about? Welcome to the Brand Blog! The Brand Blog is designed to help aid you on the quest of conquering your mission of success! I will release some of my valued tips based off my experience and lessons learned in my own past on the path to success.

Innova whaaa??

Let me break this down...

Innovative Design is what you see everyday without really realizing it. When you see matter where you are you know its them right? Rather its a billboard, a commercial on tv, a cup on the side of the road (liter sucks, dont do it :) either way you know its them. Using this method of branding will help get your brand noticed. You cant expect high volume traffic with something that you aren't even proud of. Look at your logo now if you have one...would you buy from you? Ask yourself this question throughout your branding journey and it will help you critique your own style. Your audience will only invest in your what you invest in yourself. If you don't have a logo and you'd like professional guidance on creating your eye catching marketable brand mark, chose an option below to get started!

Brainstorming for your brand

Here's a few things to think about while brainstorming how you want your brand to look.

WHO or WHAT is my brand?

This means exactly what it says, who are you trying to reach with your brand and what is it? If you do hair, sell hair, lashes, real estate, music, crafts whatever it is...decide now. Know what you are doing before investing anything in to it. You will end up waisting your time running in circles if you don't. So identify what you are doing/selling and who you are trying to reach.

What style do I like? vs. What style should my brand be?


Cartoons & Vectors

WHO are you trying to reach?

I hope after reading my suggestions it has made you feel much better and ready to start your branding journey! Understanding what you need to know about your brand and what you need to do to make it come alive is so VITAL to your overall mission. If you enjoyed this and/or learned anything at all from it please subscribe so I can let you know when my next post drops! I have sooo much knowledge to share with you and I can't wait to break it all down and help you use those bricks to build your empire!

Still need some help? No worries! Take my brand plan questionnaire and let me help you get started!


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