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New Requirements for booking services!


Website -

Facebook BUSINESS page @chinnazatarabranding

Instagram BUSINESS page @chinnazatara

Call or Text - 2703218161

2. I encourage All potential clients to subscribe to ( Not required but highly recommended! )

3. ALL details for ANY order placed must be completed on either an order form OR sent via email. This is vital for client tracking purposes. Failure to do so could result in delay of project completion.

4. Saturday and Sundays we are closed

5. Books for Web Builds will now have dates of availability. If books are closed for the date requested, you may be added to a waiting line to be notified at a later date when I am accepting orders for them again. It is strictly on a first come first serve basis.

6. Need it quick? No problem! Rush Fee’s are now available for both individual services, brand plans, and web builds. Service must be paid IN FULL in order to be eligible for rush accommodations. All rush fee’s will be applicable based on book availability.

Fee’s are as follows:

  • Any individual service - 24 hour turnaround $30

  • Basic Brand Plans( Limit 4 projects, excludes websites ) - 48 hours $80

  • Large Brand plans ( 4+ projects + web build ) - 48 -72 hours $150

  • Web Builds Only ( All Sizes ) - 48 hours $100

**NOTICE** Time starts from the moment payment is received for the FULL AMOUNT and upon arrival of ALL information needed to perform the service.

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